Corded Recliner c. 1953. Designed by Clement Meadmore.


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4 thoughts on “Links

    • Hi Christos, the site is still going but I haven’t had much time to update the posts over the past 6 months. Some posts take a long time to research. New posts will be coming soon. Thanks for reading the blog.



  1. Hi, I have a Mitzi dining setting, fair condition that I plan to restore. The swivel feet are in poor condition, a few are reusable, but I cannot find a supplier for them. Tried everything, I assume this is a common problem, but, do you know of a solution?


    • Hi, the good thing about the Mitzi chair is that it was mass produced and therefore there are still many examples to be found. The swivel feet were used on a number of Aristoc chairs and stool, so it might be worth buying some cheap seats to get the feet. A lot of the Aristoc seating I have seen needs re-upholstering due to the disintegration of the foam seat and back. In the long run you may be better off waiting for a set of Mitzi chairs in excellent condition. Mitzi are common on online auction sites and often turn up in second hand shops. Good luck with your search. Cheers, Dean.


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