Update: Keep up the good work. Save Lind House from demolition

Hi All,

Mid-Century enthusiasts from across the country are getting behind the national campaign to save Anatol Kagan’s masterpiece ‘Lind House’ from demolition.

Thousands of everyday people like you and I are frustrated and disappointed with the lack of protection afforded Lind House, and many of us think it’s time that councils, like the Glen Eira Council, went the extra mile and sent a message to developers that they can’t destroy our most treasured cultural icons. 

At this stage you need to keep up the  pressure, and for those who are yet to contact the Glen Eira Council, please submit your objection asap using the link in my previous post. 

I was told today, at a council meeting last night, Mayor Mary Delahunty said the council would write to the Planning Minister asking for interim protection control measures to save the house.

Well, we can also write to the planning minister.  Please email Richard Wynne MP or give his office a call at the link below:


Please leave a message on his Facebook page asking him to take action now to save Anatol Kagan’s architectural gem. https://m.facebook.com/richardwynnemp/

Keep up the good work everyone, and thank you to all the modernisters out there working hard to save our cultural heritage for future generations.

You can read about the latest developments in this excellent article by Bianca Cardona

As always, we are ever grateful for the tireless work of Modernist Australia, who are committed to saving our mid-century architecture. 

Please share this post widely and ask your friends to join the campaign to save an outstanding example of Melbourne Modernist architecture. 


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