The Boyd Collection

The architect Robin Boyd (1919-1971) is well known for his iconic modernist buildings. The Walsh Street house in South Yarra, Melbourne, now the home of the Boyd Foundation, was built by Boyd for his family in 1957 and illustrates  Boyd’s ability to create light filled and harmonious domestic spaces.

Boyd was a man of many talents, he worked with the glazing company Stegbar in the 1950’s to develop his Window Wall design which consisted of pre-fabricated timber and glass components. Now considered an iconic architectural feature of Boyd’s buildings, the Window Wall proved successful and is an enduring motif of post-war modernist design in Australia.

The Boyd Family Home, Walsh St, Melbourne.

Boyd was also an author of many books on the subject of architecture, his book The Australian Ugliness (1960) is still in print and as relevant as the day it was published. Boyd was a big supporter of Australian industrial designers, and furniture by Grant Featherston and Clement Meadmore was often recommended to clients.

The Domain Park Apartments, Melbourne.

But alongside Boyd’s long list of achievements is something not known by many people. Boyd designed a small range of furniture to compliment his Walsh Street house and the Domain Park Apartments (pictured above). Simple in design and honest in materials, these pieces were designed to compliment Boyd’s unique architectural vision.

To celebrate Boyd’s furniture designs, the Boyd Foundation have just announced The Boyd Collection. Now you too can enjoy a little touch of Boyd design in your own home.


2 thoughts on “The Boyd Collection

  1. Such a talented family. I visit Sandringham often, an area which inspired several Boyd family paintings. I’d love to look inside the old family home there, which is definitely of the Victorian era with some gothic inspiration and not at all modern. Perhaps Robin Boyd was inspired by their creativity and was encouraged to blaze his own trail.


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