Emigré Houses in Kew: Open Day Sunday 22, March 2015

The Lyall House 1955-56. Architect: Anatol Kagan

It’s not very often that you get an opportunity to look inside some of the best examples of Australian mid-century architecture, but this Sunday 22 March, 2015 (between 10am-4pm), The Boyd Foundation are holding an open day where you will be able to view homes designed by iconic emigre architects Ernest Milston (Czechoslovakia), Ernest Fooks (Austria-Hungary) and Architect: Anatol Kagan (Russia). The selected homes are outstanding examples of the creativity and innovation exhibited by emigre architects in Melbourne and reflect the influence of European Modernism in Australia.

The homes, all within walking distance of each other, are located in the Studley Park area of Kew, a suburb well known for its large numbers of architect designed mid-century homes. Tickets are limited for this event so be quick to secure a chance to see some of the most inspiring and unique mid-century homes in Melbourne.

For more details about the Boyd Foundation Emigré Houses in Kew Open Day visit the link below:


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