Take A Seat: Australian Mid-Century Chair Exhibition

IMG_2863If you like a good Australian mid-century chair then I suggest you head on down to Penrith Regional Gallery who are currently hosting the Take a Seat: Australian Modernist Seating exhibition.

The ‘Take A Seat’ exhibition showcases Australian chair designs between 1940-1975 and includes a selection of artworks from the period to provide some additional context. Expect to see chairs by Grant Featherston, Gordon Andrews, George Korody, Fred Lowen, Clement Meadmore, and Fred Ward, as well as a number of chairs by lesser known and/or unknown designers.

The exhibition is hot on the heels of the outstanding Mid-Century Modern: Australian Furniture Design held at NGV: Ian Potter Gallery, Melbourne in 2014. And although there are many familiar names included in this offering at Penrith, there are also some interesting designs by Douglas Snelling, Gayla Soos, Steven Kalmar, Paul Kafka and Derek Wrigkey. And for those with a passion for Parker Furniture, there are also a number of chairs designed by thus much loved Australian furniture company.

Screenshot 2015-02-05 17.13.44
Margo Lewers, Composition in Orangec. 1952 oil on canvas on cardboard.
Image property of Penrith Regional Gallery.

The exhibition also features work by Australian modernist artists of the period including Ralph Balson, Margo Lewers, Robert Klippel, Inge King and many more. There is also a small selection of photographs by renowned photographer Max Dupain. Unfortunately there isn’t a printed catalogue for the exhibition but you can download a PDF catalogue at the Penrith Regional Gallery website. The exhibition runs from 22 NOVEMBER 2014 – 22 FEBRUARY 2015, so there is still time to get down to the gallery and take a look at these rare and wonderful Australian chairs.

I haven’t had a chance to see the exhibition as yet, but it sounds well worth a visit. If you have seen the exhibition, please leave a comment. What was your favourite chair?


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