A Powerhouse of Post-War Design.

The Powerhouse Museum in Sydney has one of the most diverse collections
of poat-war design, including examples of furniture, lighting, textiles and graphic design from the period. The collection features Australian and international designers, including many rare pieces by Grant Featherston, Gordon Andrews, Clement Meadmore, Fred Lowen and Francis Burke. The Powerhouse is an excellent resource for researchers or anyone interested in social history.

Due to the enormous scale of the collection, many of the pieces are stored offsite at the Powerhouse Discovery Centre in Castle Hill. Although the collection is generally closed to the public, the Powerhouse Museum have a range of initiatives to promote the collection, which includes holding open days and tours of the facility so that members of the public can enjoy viewing the designer treasures.

The Powerhouse Museum also commissioned the production of an interactive video tour titled ‘Please Be Seated’ which is hosted by museum curator Dr. Paul Donnelly.

The video tour presents a rare opportunity to take a glimpse inside one of the best collections of post-war design in the country. So please be seated, put your feet up, sit back and prepare yourself for some serious eye candy and enjoy your interactive video tour.


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