Modernist Australia: Building a Modernist Community.


The Kelly House 1, Bellevue Hill, 1956. Photo Max Dupain.

After a long hiatus it’s great to see those tireless supporters of modernist architecture, and all round good guys, Modernist Australia
back on the mid-century scene with a new website and even more fantastic listings of modernist homes for sale across Australia.

For those not familiar with Modernist Australia, the site has played an important role in building awareness of modernist architecture, whilst featuring profiles of modernist homes currently for sale across Australia. From beach shacks to iconic architect designed homes, the Modernist Australia team are dedicated to preserving mid-century Australian architecture.

The new site also features an archive where you can check out some of the incredible homes that have been and gone; some thankfully saved by enthusiasts whilst others are unfortunately too often demolished to make way for new builds.

I am reminded of a 1950’s wall lamp for sale on eBay last year. On contacting the seller I was informed that the lamp would need to be removed from the wall of a home in Brighton designed by iconic architect Robin Boyd that was soon to be demolished. These stories are perhaps not uncommon, and as our modernist buildings continue to vanish from our urban spaces, it’s good to know that there are people out there that still believe in good design and preserving our post-war design history. The MA crew bring a wealth of knowledge and passion that makes their website one of the best mid-century Australian architecture resources on the web.

So check out the Modernist Australia site and lose yourself in the world of modernist architecture. Who knows, perhaps you might find your dream home.


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