New Zealand Modern: A Different Angle

The modern movement in New Zealand, like Australia, is arguably
one of the design world’s best kept secrets. I have featured NZ modernist designs
before on the blog and the more I research the NZ Modernist Movement, the more
examples I find of innovative design objects and architecture.


Whether it’s the exceedingly beautiful and innovative furniture by
Architect group Brenner and Associates (see above), who offered a full design
service, or the stunning simplicity of lamps and tables (see below) by John Crichton,
NZ Modern is continuing to garnish a lot of interest amongst collectors
and enthusiasts of post-war design.

One of my favourite designs is the ‘Cloud’ Coffee Table (see below)
produced for  the Jon Jansen furniture Store.


If you are interested in NZ Modernist architecture, then check out the range
of outstanding publications by researcher by Dr. Julia Gately.


Long Live the Modern: New Zealand’s New Architecture, 1904-1984.
Edited by Julia Gately


Group Architects: Towards a New Zealand Architecture.
Edited by Julia Gately


Athfield Architects
by Julia Gately

For more NZ Modern check out  

Mr. Bigglesworthy: For The Love of Design

Christchurch Modern

Docomomo New Zealand


One thought on “New Zealand Modern: A Different Angle

  1. Lovely to catch up again with your great research Dean. I wonder if you were also aware of Douglas Lloyd Jenkins’ 2004 title `At Home: a century of New Zealand design’. Check a library close to your work!


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