Modernist Australia on a Hiatus


After reading that Modernist Australia are taking a break,
I reached for a bex, and then I suddenly realised that they
don’t make them anymore. Nor do they build modernist homes
anymore like the ones featured in the Modernist Australia
real estate listings. But MA is not just about celebrating
modernist architecture, it’s a blog that builds a community
and fosters a passion for the preservation and conservation
of modernist design. And as noted on the Panfilocastaldi blog,
many of our classic modernist buildings such as the Boyd homes,
are slowly being demolished via unsympathetic renovations which
erode the integrity of the original building.

The MA team are on a bold mission to help save our iconic
buildings by connecting old homes with new owners who
appreciate the modernist aesthetic and value our design
heritage. So who said history can’t be cool? The site also
provides information on modernism and some fantastic
profiles on influential designers.

But it’s not the end of MA, you can still join in the conversation
on Twitter or Facebook. A community is only as strong as its
members, so if you know of any modernist homes up for sale
or facing demolition, you can still do your bit by listing them on
the MA social media sites.

So I would like to say a big thank you to the MA team,
you guys are truly inspirational. Enjoy your well deserved
break and I hope to see you back in the saddle sometime


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