New Documentary celebrates Australian Modern Movement

If you love Australian Modern, you’ll be pleased to know that the Melbourne
based creative team behind Traces Films are currently working on a documentary
project that will showcase Australia’s most innovative architects from the post-war
period. The team have already interviewed key players in the modernist movement
and photographed many of the unique and iconic buildings that are still standing.

The Traces Films website features many of their excellent short films, which includes
a visual exploration of the ‘Hawkes House’ designed in the late 1960’s by the
architecture firm McGlashan Everist. The Hawke House was later rescued in 1999
by Everist who intervened when the iconic home was in the process of being
demolished. Despite all the obstacles and some opposition, Everist managed
to move the iconic home to it’s new location in Aireys Inlet, where it still stands
today. You can also find out more about the Hawke House and the drama
associated  with it’s relocation in this informative article which appeared in
The Sydney Morning Herald in 2008.

The rescue of the Hawkes House is a valuable reminder that many of our classic
modernist buildings are constantly facing the prospect of demolition, and once
gone, we lose an important part of our design heritage forever. When I consider
the many poorly designed modern builds that now populate our suburbs, I think
buildings such as the Hawks House offer us an opportunity to better understand
the true value of building homes which are designed to make us better, healthier
and arguably happier people.

If you know of any classic modernist homes which are about to go under the
hammer or are currently facing extinction, contact the team at Modernist Australia
so they can feature the property on their website. Who knows, perhaps the house
you save today, may one day be your modernist home.


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